Alicante - Tabarca


22 September 2023

15 women experts in occupational health and safety from different companies participate in a journey between the port of Alicante and the island of Tabarca. For the third year, Quirónprevención is sponsoring the “Ola Salud Challenge“, focusing on the need to practise sports and eat a healthy diet, as a way to prevent illnesses within the world of work.


15 women representing major companies participate in a journey between Alicante and the island of Tabarca on 23 September. The participants spent 24 hours together on two sailboats, keeping watch and working as a team. This is a pioneering initiative that organises meetings on healthy habits among different companies through the women who represent them. In this edition, the fifteen sailors were able to experience the “Ocean Race” by visiting the headquarters of the legendary Around the World voyage and learning in detail the ins and outs of one of the toughest regattas existing today.



Quirónprevención is the leading international company in the occupational health and safety sector with more than 5,000 employees, 165,000 client companies and more than 4.5 million protected workers. In Spain, it features a network of 300 centres that allows it to provide coverage throughout the country. It is also present in 7 other countries with its own subsidiaries and provides consulting services in more than 25 countries. It not only promotes preventive culture within organisations, but also in society in general, because it believes that a preventive attitude should go beyond the workplace.
Thus, in this third #DesafíoOlaSalud, fifteen women became champions of healthy habits while representing their companies: Acciona, Airbus, Alcoa, Carrefour, Cemex, Dimatec, Enagas, Grupo Eulen, Loramendi, Mapfre, Masa, Migasa Grupo, IMC, Orange, Pascual, Santalucía and Saint-Gobain.